Three Tips for Branding Headwear


Headwear might be an obvious choice for your organisation, whether that's for an event, giveaway or uniform. To leave and impression and for your brand to have impact, their are some important factors to be considered.

Here are our top tips as to how to go about it.  

1. Consistency with Brand Colours and Logos

You probably already have a brand colour scheme reflected in your company logo, promotional materials and website. Its important all uniforms and headwear reflects this as its so visible. 

2. Consider Placement

The obvious place to put your brand name or logo is on the front panel, but don’t overlook the value of branding on the peak, top, sides and rear of the cap. Also consider having multiple branded areas, allowing you to giving more information and making your message visible from all angles. 

3. Choose Quality Caps

Don’t make the mistake of thinking any old cap will do, as a cheap throwaway one will portray a poor image. Choose a product with materials of obvious high quality that your employees, representatives and customers will be proud to wear. With so many styles to choose from, you can find the perfect cap that reflects your organisations style and purpose. 

At 4HeadWear we have been supporting our clients through this selection and design process for years. We love working with your logos and colours to make sure we create the ultimate cap that makes a solid statement.