Flexfit Caps - Revolutionary Technology


Ever since their introduction in 1994, Flexfit® caps have been crowned as the original stretch-fit cap that offers unparalleled comfort and style. With great precision in every detail, Flexifit are constantly developing creative and innovative products propelled by great passion and refined craftsmanship. 

Flexfit have an open-minded culture, placing mindful design and quality engineering at the core, resulting in an ever-expanding collection headwear that continues to be popular all around the world. 

Some of our top selling caps are born from this invention. The innovation that continues to make Flexfit leaders in the industry includes:

Flexfit Technology - Revolutionary technology weave polyurethane spandex through the cap's crown for a secure and comfortable fit.

Cool & Dry - This Technology wicks perspiration away from your body and keeps you cool, dry and comfortable.

Pro-Formance -  Unique in-house Pro-Formance technology combines Cool & Dry properties with the premium look & feel of wool fabric.

Mesh Flexfit - The patented elastic polyester mesh provides superior comfort and innovation amongst trucker caps. Who said Trucker caps can only be in adjustable styles?

Permacurve - Visors come with a technology that maintains its proper shaped and curve at all times. 

For branders like 4HeadWear, we are the winners with the ever expanding collection they continue to supply. Flexfit are designed to accommodate all types of visionary, making it easy for us to collaborate with you when we work with your logo or brand to create headwear that is adaptive and unique to your style. 

If you are after a cap that continues to stand the test to time, talk to us about Flexfit products. Like us, they keep up with the newest technology and trends while keeping renowned quality and craftsmen ship.