Attention Beanie Lovers!


I'm not going to lie, I feel the cold and I hate Winter! The one thing I look forward to in Winter is getting out my ever growing beanie collection.

Whether its an early morning jog, the school run, my commute to work or watching my team on the weekend, I need a beanie!Obviously a beanie need to keep me warm, stop the wind blowing my hair into  my face and perhaps be waterproof. My beanie also needs to be the right colour, the right fit and flattering. I don't want to be readjusting and I certainly don't want it feel heavy or itchy. Like most people, I need function and style. 

Much like any headwear, a beanie can say a lot about you. All sports teams sell beanies with their logos front and centre, some organisations keep it plainer and go with a nice cosy knit that's both stylish and comfortable.  

Beanies work on everyone, we see our sport star rocking up to training, we see hipsters just hanging out but we also see fisherman and outdoor workers. Beanies started out as a practical solutions for cold weather, but are now a staple of street wear.

A beanie can be a powerful awareness tool, recently in Australia we've seen campaigns such as  "Beanies 4 Brain Cancer" lead by Carrie Bickmore as well as the Big Freeze initiative which is in its 6th year. Both campaign have raised incredible awareness about their charities and have raised big research dollars along the way. 

We have worked with clients that have also been able to achieve a significant increase in brand awareness and loyalty. They have successfully used a beanie that has then become an iconic symbol that their organisation wear with pride to form their own little army. 

So, all other beanies lovers, take a look at our range and consider if a beanie might be just the thing for your next promotion or addition to your range of merchandise or uniform.